All of our steps and decks are made from strong aluminum alloys to make them strong and yet lightweight and portable. The Port-A-Step units come with a handrail on the left side. The Port-A-Deck units come with handrails on the deck and steps.

For the Port-A-Step units:
A 2 step unit (24x24 deck with 1 additional step) is $375 - low deck motorhomes
 A 3 Step unit (24x24 deck with 2 additional steps) is $425 - 2 step motorhomes
 A 4 Step unit (24x24 deck with 3 additional steps) is $475 - most travel trailers
 A 5 step unit (24x24 deck with 4 additional steps) is $575 - tall 5th wheels.

The 24x24 deck surface attaches to your existing step on your RV unit. The number of steps required depends on the height and number of steps in your RV unit. As a rule of thumb if you now have 3 steps you will want a step set with a deck surface plus 3 steps (4 step Port-A-Step).

For the Port-A-Deck unit:
The large 36" x 48" Port-A-Deck provides a door level deck with the top step attached at deck level or 7 inches down making it work for standard travel trailers as well as the taller 5th wheels. This unit services door entrances from 24 inches to 40 inches above ground level. The unit is $1075 with deck, steps, and handrails.  A shorter unit that services door entrances as low as 18 inches is available for $1025.
For the deck only without steps and attachment bracket to allow for multiple decks is $625 (this does include additional handrails). 

Shipping for the Port-A-Deck is normally $125 and for the Port-A-Step is usually  $70. I need to know the product selected and shipping address before I can give you a better estimate.

Price Information